Blood Test to Detect Prenatal Genetic Defects to Soon be a Reality


A recent article on BillionToOne –  

A unique healthcare innovation by a young Indian scientist has the potential to radically change how prenatal genetic testing is done to identify fetal abnormalities.

FIT interviews Sukrit Silas, a PhD from Stanford and the Chief Science Officer at BillionToOne, a Y Combinator Company. They’ve developed a non-invasive prenatal test from maternal blood that allows doctors to detect genetic abnormalities in a fetus.

Currently, if the doctors suspect any abnormalities, expectant mothers go through an invasive and risky procedure called amniocentesis. The procedure involves a large hollow needle that is inserted into the uterus to pull out a small amount of amniotic fluid from a sac that surrounds the fetus. The fluid is then screened for chromosomal abnormalities and infections.

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