Curai picks up $10.7M to create a smarter system to help patients supply the best info for their doc


From Tech Crunch: Curai picks up $10.7M to create a smarter system to help patients supply the best info for their doctors – 


There’s been an explosion of medical startups centering their tools around machine learning to help doctors with predictive tools — and now Netflix’s former chief product officer Neil Hunt wants to enter the fray with one that hopes to get the right information from patients themselves.

That’s the hope for Curai, a machine learning-driven startup that helps patients deliver the right information to doctors to help medical professionals figure out the best diagnosis — and reduce the overhead for doctors so they can work with more patients without the grunt work. Patients can send photos of rashes, describe their symptoms, or MRI results and help navigate those results to come to the best conclusion with doctors and have more readily available access. And the hope is that Curai will also develop into a system that can detect potential problems from symptoms that a patient might not even realize are relevant.

“We want to build a patient-facing system to commoditize healthcare knowledge, that helps patients and their doctors know and understand the decisions they ought to make, whether those are simple questions about health, diagnostic or treatment, in lots of different ways,” Hunt said. “[It’s based on] the idea that you let computers do what computers are good at, and that’s data and knowledge and reasoning and logic. You let doctors do the things that humans are good at: coaching, intuition, empathy, and helping patients make decisions.”

Hunt was previously the chief product officer at Netflix. Curai’s other cofounders include Xavier Amatriain, the former VP of engineering at Quora, and Neal Khosla, a previous startup founder with a history at Stanford and Google. The company said it has raised around $10.7 million in a round that includes General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures and a variety of other angels.


SOURCE Tech Crunch

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