Qulab Teams Up with Rigetti as a Quantum Cloud Partner


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Qulab, a computational molecular design company, today announced it has joined Rigetti’s new Quantum Cloud Services developer partner program.

Quantum Cloud Services is Rigetti’s next-generation quantum computing platform. It was unveiled today by Rigetti founder and CEO Chad Rigetti at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

The partnership will provide Qulab with direct access to Rigetti’s quantum processors. In addition, Qulab-developed software can be distributed through the Rigetti platform to end users.

Alireza Shabani, Qulab founder and CEO, said: “Qulab is focused on small molecule drug design. We believe that tremendous advancements in this area will be driven by AI algorithms and by leveraging the power of post-CPU technologies including quantum processors and other accelerators. Rigetti’s technology provides a solid platform to assess the power of quantum processors to accelerate molecular design and simulation.”

Albert Azout, partner at Cota Capital, an investor in Qulab, commented: “This is an exciting time for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Quantum computational R&D is advancing rapidly and companies need to be planning their roadmaps to quantum-readiness. Qulab and Rigetti’s partnership is a significant step towards building a scalable ecosystem around quantum computing.”

About Qulab
Qulab’s mission is to transform molecular design through artificial intelligence and hardware acceleration. Currently focusing on small molecule drugs, Qulab is harnessing medicinal chemistry, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing to automatically design new compounds, de novo. We partner with the leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies to tackle the challenges of discovering and developing life-changing drugs. Qulab was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, Calif. For more info, visit http://www.qulab.com.

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