What do Bollywood and Rocket Pharma have in common? Possibly a Grammy.


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Gaurav Shah, CEO of Rocket Pharmaceuticals, is a man of many talents. In his spare time, he joins his wife, Falguni Shah, on stage to perform her music in Hindi, English, and Gujarati under the stage name of Falu. Gaurav is featured on her most recent album, Falu's Bazaar, which was recently nominated for a Grammy. 

Falu composes her own music and lyrics in a style she calls Indie Hindi, a mix of classical Indian and contemporary Western pop. “Singing and songwriting,” she said, “are as natural to me as breathing.” She also plays harmonium (reed organ), tanpura (a string instrument) and “a little” tabla (similar to bongo drums).


Motherhood modified musician Falguni Shah’s modus operandi. When the classically trained Mumbai, India-born and -bred vocalist known as Falu sought music that both her son and adults could enjoy, she came up empty handed. So, “I decided to give it a shot myself,” she said.

That shot eventually translated into three albums of her “songs that are fun and catchy for children, but also have an educational element” in three languages—Hindi, English and Gujarati.

“I discovered a lot of things through my son and becoming a parent,” Falu said, chief among them, an understanding of “what parents would want to teach their children.” For her child and “the next generation growing up in America and in the world,” the important subjects to pass on are the elements of South Asian culture, music and languages.

Her marriage to Gaurav Shah, an Indian native raised in Texas, brought Falu to the U.S. in 2000. Her husband, a Harvard University graduate and CEO of a pharmaceutical company, “is an oncologist by training, but his heart lies in music,” Falu said. “In his spare time, he writes and sings songs with me in the band.”

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