Manus Bio

Cambridge (MA)

Manus Bio merges three disciplines – metabolic engineering, protein engineering, and systems biology – to rapidly and efficiently generate microbes which produce a variety of plant-based ingredients with much lower dependence on land and natural resources. It does this by recreating plant natural product pathways through microbial fermentation. Manus leverages its novel technology to provide a low-cost, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly source for many ingredients used in our daily lives.


News about Manus Bio

Engineered bacteria produce rare and commercially useful compounds in large quantities

A recent article in the MIT News discusses the potential of Manus Bio. Using advanced fermentation technology, industrial biotech startup Manus Bio hopes to make manufacturing flavors, fragrances, and other products greener and more cost-effective — and maybe create new products in the process. The MIT spinout has created a low-cost process for engineering microbes with comple...

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Manus Bio Awarded Funding to Develop Novel Production Method for Artemisinin

A recent article about Manus BIo: Manus Bio Inc. (Manus Bio), a company which produces complex natural products through advanced fermentation, announced today that it has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the development of a scalable and cost-effective production method for artemisinin, a key therapeutic for treating malaria. Manus Bio will use its ...

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Manus Bio makes series A breakthrough

A recent article on Manus Bio: The MIT spinout has raised $19.4m from unnamed backers, and the plant-based ingredient developer will use the cash to expand its production capacity. Manus Bio, a US-based natural ingredient supplier spun out from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has secured $19.4m in a series A round backed by unnam...

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