Prellis Biologics

San Francisco (CA)

Bioprinting vascularized human tissue and organs will revolutionize healthcare. Prellis Biologics's technology leverages massive gains in print speed and resolution to break the microvasculature barrier.


News about Prellis Biologics

Civilization Ventures: Holiday Event to Celebrate Women in Science

Celebrating Women Leaders in Healthcare –   Civilization Ventures and First Republic Bank’s Tech and Venture Team hosted a holiday event celebrating female founders' unique opportunities and challenges. An investor and founder panel was followed by cocktails and appetizers. The audience is a co-ed group of founders and investors. Linda, Co-founder and CEO; 23andMe, Co-fou...

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Implantable 3D-printed organs could be coming sooner than you think

A recent article from Tech Crunch on Prellis Biologics  –  At MBC Biolabs, an incubator for biotech startups in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, a team of scientists and interns working for the small startup Prellis Biologics have just taken a big step on the path toward developing viable 3D-printed organs for humans. The company, which was fo...

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New tech allows much faster 3D-printing of human tissue with capillaries

A New Atlas article about Prellis Biologics  –  Prellis Biologics has brought the science fiction dream of printing human organs for transplant a step forward by developing a fast, high-resolution 3D printing technique that can produce living tissue that includes viable blood-carrying capillaries. The new technique allows the cells to receive enough oxygen and n...

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Prellis Biologics raises $9m

From Mass Device –  Prellis Biologics has raised $8.7 million in a new round of equity financing, according to a recently posed SEC filing. The San Francisco-based company is developing ultra-fast high-resolution holographic laser printing technology intended for use in creating human organs and tissues, according to its website. Prellis Biologics offers a number of products b...

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Prellis Biologics, Inc. Announces Vascular Tissue Blanks™, a Series of Ready to Use, Pre-Vascularized Tissue Scaffolds for Complex 3D Cell and Tissue Cultures and Transplantation

From Business Wire –  Tissue engineering company Prellis Biologics launched the first ever line of pre-vascularized 3D (three-dimensional) tissue scaffolds today. The scaffolds are biocompatible and can be used by researchers to grow any cell type in 3D formats 1000x larger than 3D spheroids. For the first time, therapeutics can be tested on accurate, easily replicated, fas...

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Rapid 3D Printing Of High-Res, Viable Human Organs Possible

A recent  report about Prellis Biologics –  It can be estimated that every year, in the United States alone, about 900,000 deaths can be prevented if there was no shortage of organs, or if transplants were not delayed and readily available to patients of organ failure. In fact, a Forbes study has ranked the lack of tissue transplants as one of the leading causes...

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Start-up working on breakthrough in 3-D printing of human organs

A recent article on Prellis Biologics raising $1.8 million in new seed funding –  Prellis Biologics, a human tissue engineering company, has invented a new way to create what it says are viable human organs using near instantaneous 3-D printing. This type of development, if proven out, could be a boon for hospitals and health systems with long lists of patients waiting for ...

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